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14,411 feet of fun and adventure await your exploration at Mt. Rainier. Hike with the wildflowers, gaze upon powerful waterfalls and discover vistas that re-define spectacular. Ready to hit the trail? We have over 130 trail descriptions. Want to relax and stay awhile? Choose from over 30 lodging options. Go on a train ride, visit a wildlife park, follow a drive tour, take the scenic Mt. Rainier Gondola… We’re offering all the tools you need to make your next trip to the mountain a reality.

Spring Hiking

Palisades Trail (Hwy 410)

When it still feels like winter, the Palisades often feels like spring. Look for delicate Calypso orchids; enjoy the scent of vanilla leaf, and view the groundcover — a thick carpet of salal,

Explore the Gateway Communities

Ashford, Carbonado, Crystal Mountain, Eatonville, Enumclaw, Elbe, Greenwater and Wilkeson

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