Hiking in the Mount Rainier region

Explore The Best Mt. Rainier Regional Hiking Trails

Discover the beauty of the Mount Rainier region through diverse hiking trails, ranging from easy strolls to the epic 93-mile Wonderland Trail. Use our trail directory to find your ideal hike based on distance, difficulty, and snow conditions. Enjoy, explore, and respect these public lands. Help preserve these unique places by practicing Leave No Trace principles and recreating responsibly.

Find trails in all corners of the park, for all ability levels. Use the sortable list below to find the perfect hike for you.

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wdt_ID Title Difficulty Distance Duration Elevation Gain Snow-Free Pass Required
1 Allen Mountain Moderate 10 mi RT 6 hrs 2.350 July - October None
2 Alta Vista Trail Easy 01.2 mi RT 0.75 hr 520 Mid-July - Mid-September Natl. Park Pass
3 American Ridge Via Goat Creek Easy 08.2 mi RT 4-6 hrs 2.600 July - Early-November None
4 Bearhead Mountain Moderate 05.8 mi RT 3 hrs 1.789 July - Late-October NW Forest Pass
5 Bench and Snow Lakes Moderate 02.6 mi RT 1.5 hrs 700 July - October Natl. Park Pass
6 Berkeley Park Moderate 11.3 mi RT 6 hrs 400 Mid-July - Early-October Natl. Park Pass
7 Big Crow Basin and Basin Lake Strenuous 15.8 mi Loop 2 days 4.000 Late-June - October Overnight Camping Permit
8 Boise Creek | Hancock Lands Moderate 03 mi RT 2-3 hrs 300 April - October Hancock Lands Permit
9 Boulder Cave Natural Area Easy 02.25 mi RT 1-2 hrs 300 June - September NW Forest Pass
10 Boundary Trail Carbon River Moderate 02.6 mi RT 2-3 hrs 1.320 June - October Natl. Park Pass
11 Boundary Trail Nisqually Entrance Moderate 05.6 mi RT 4-5 hrs 2.700 July - September Natl. Park Pass
12 Brown Peak via Palisades Lakes Trail Moderate 08.6 mi RT 5-6 hrs 1.800 July - October None
13 Bullion Basin Loop Moderate 08.1 mi RT 2-3 hrs 2.420 June - October None
14 Burroughs Mountains Moderate 05.4 mi RT 3-4 hrs 1.443 Late-July - September Natl. Park Pass
15 Camp Muir Trail Strenuous 09 mi RT 8-10 hrs 4.788 Mid-July - Early-September Natl. Park Pass
16 Carbon Glacier Trail Strenuous 17.5 mi RT 6 hrs 1.300 Early-May - Late-November Natl. Park Pass
17 Carbon River Road to Ipsut Falls Easy 10.8-15 mi RT 3-7 hrs 700 Year Round Natl. Park Pass
18 Carbon River Road Hike Moderate 16 mi RT 9 hrs 640 Mid-March - October Natl. Park Pass
19 Chenuis Falls Easy 06.4 mi RT 4.5 hrs 50 April - October Natl. Park Pass
20 Cispus Braille Trail Easy 01 mi Loop 0.5-1 hr 0 May - October None
21 Cora Lake Easy 01.4 mi RT 1 hr 400 June - November None
22 Corral Pass Easy 02.6 mi RT 1 hr 560 July - October NW Forest Pass
23 Cougar Lakes via the PCT Strenuous 19.2 mi RT 2-3 days 3.200 Mid-July - Late-October NW Forest Pass
24 Cowiche Mountain Moderate 06.2 mi Loop 4-5 hrs 1.250 March-November None
25 Cowlitz Divide Strenuous 11.8 mi RT 6-7 hrs 2.850 July - October Natl. Park Pass
Title Difficulty Distance Duration Elevation Gain Snow-Free Pass Required

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a viewing platform above the exit
Area: Chinook Pass Hike Type: Family-friendly Pass: Northwest Forest Pass Distance: 2.25 mi RT Duration: 1-2 hours Difficulty Level: Easy Elevation Start: 2,350 Elevation End: 2,650 Elevation Gain: 300 Snow-Free: June – Sept   Boulder Cave Day Use Area This area has a timed reservation system through Recreation.gov. Reservations will need to be made in […]
IMG 4893
Hike to one of the four remaining fire lookouts in Mount Rainier National Park. Perched on an open 7,181-foot knoll on rocky Mount Fremont, this historic structure is the highest of the park’s lookouts.
View west from Mount Beljica e1541793063300
Mount Beljica is a 3 to 5 mile hike in Ashford, Washington on dog-friendly trails that requires no entrance fee. Learn more at VisitRainier.com.
IMG 6393
Van Trump Park / Comet Falls
Agnes Island Packwood Lake Karen Sykes
The Packwood Lake trail is open to hikers and equestrians; mountain bikes, motorcycles, and ATVs are prohibited. Learn more at VisitRainier.com.