Spend a Cozy Night at Mt. Rainier

Maybe you spent the day snowshoeing at Paradise. Or shushing down the ski slopes at Crystal Mountain Resort. Or maybe you just want to spend some time by a fire with a good book and a glass of wine. Whatever your style, avoid a long drive home and instead spend a cozy night at one of the many lodging properties around Mt. Rainier.

Alta Crystal ResortSpend a night away, or reserve a vacation rental as your home base for a week of winter activities. Resort rooms, charming cabins, upscale vacation rentals, friendly motels, bed and breakfasts… there’s no need to hurry home from your mountain getaway.

Q: What are the prices like during the winter season?

A: Prices vary according to whether you choose a room at a lodge or a cabin. Rates will vary according to how many people are staying in the cabin/lodge, and your arrival date. For example, accommodations on a holiday weekend are priced higher than a mid-week visit. Typically rates start at $89 and range up to $300 a night, plus tax. 

Q: Is it better to rent a room or a cabin? 

A: The answer depends on the ambiance and amenities you’re looking for. Many of the inns and lodges will allow for single night bookings whereas most cabins require a 2-night minimum stay. Some cabins also charge a cleaning fee whereas none of the lodges or inns do.

Q: Why do so many cabins charge an extra cleaning fee?

A: When you rent a cabin you’re essentially renting a self-contained house. It typically requires more labor and time to clean an entire cabin than a standard hotel room. 

Q: Are there any places to stay that are pet-friendly? 

A: Yes, in fact, there are over 20 pet-friendly places to stay. Click here for a list.

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