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Spray Falls

Spray Falls

Hiking to Spray Falls, witness incredible beauty even before reaching these mighty falls. This one is a must on the waterfalls list. The trailhead at Mowich Lake begins in one of the most beautiful areas of the Park. The trail passes through a pristine forest, crossing many sparkling mountain streams and offers a splendid mountain view at Eagle’s Cliff. Spray Falls is always impressive, but especially during the snow melt as a massive curtain of water bursts over a 350+ foot rock face. You can feel the spray far downstream. Haven’t seen enough…Spray Park is another mile. Your camera will get a real workout on this day adventure.

Height: 354 feet | Form: Veiling Horsetail | Number of Drops: 1

Source Stream: Spray Creek | Access: Moderate Hike

Location: 46.91551 N, -121.8421 W

Directions: Follow Mowich Lake Road 16 miles in Mount Rainier National Park to the road’s end and the trailhead to Spray Park on the Wonderland Trail. Spray Falls is 2.3 miles from Mowich Lake.