Ride the Mt. Rainier Railroad

It’s scenic. It’s historical. It’s a great experience for train fanatics and anyone who appreciates a beautiful ride through the foothills. Board the Mt. Rainier Railroad in Elbe and take an 18-mile picturesque ride on a vintage logging locomotive into the countryside near the mountain. Not to be confused with a luxurious rail line, this train offers a friendly and fun atmosphere, with plenty of room for children in the group to walk around and see the sights. The train is complete with a snack bar and several bathrooms. Kind conductors give a brief history lesson of the area. And the view of the great mountain as the train crosses the Nisqually River is breathtaking. All aboard!


Mt. Rainier Railroad & Museum

PHONE: 1-888-STEAM11 (1-888-783-2611)
ADDRESS: 349 Mineral Creek Rd. Mineral, WA 98355