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Pioneer Farms

Pioneer Farm Museum & Ohop Indian Village

Journey back to the 1880’s and experience homesteading in Washington state. Pioneer Farm is a “hands-on” homestead built in 1887 with a multitude of activities for adults and children, including overnight programs. Take a farm tour where children can do the chores that pioneer children would have done in the log activity cabin including grinding grains, churning cream, scrubbing laundry, and carding wool. They can dress up like pioneers; have their hair curled with an antique curling iron or shave with an old-fashioned dulled straight razor. Located just north of Eatonville, Pioneer Farm is open on weekends from mid-March through mid-June, and after Labor Day to the day before Thanksgiving. During summer it’s open all week.



Address: 7716 Ohop Valley Road E., Eatonville, WA 98328