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Horseshoe Lake and Mount Rainier as seen from Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

Northwest Trek is a 725-acre wildlife park tucked away in the forest near Mt. Rainier. Unlike any play area in the Puget Sound region, it is designed to stimulate imaginations, encourage exploration, connect folks with wildlife and immerse kids in nature.

There are three ways to explore the park.

Members enjoy Wild Walk at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park

The Wild Walk experience gives entry to the core habitat area of the park. A one-way walking route takes you around beautiful, winding paved paths to see grizzly and black bears foraging under trees, wolverines running over logs, gray wolves, cougar, lynx, and more, plus the new immersive bald eagle exhibit.


Drive WildThe Wild Drive premier tour is the brand-new way to experience the park’s 435-acre Free-Roaming Area. Drive past lakes, meadows, and forests to see moose, bison, elk, mountain goats, and more from the comfort and safety of your own car. A friendly naturalist narrates each tour, and in spring you might even spot a newborn calf!

Tram tours are temporarily unavailable, as are indoor areas, the Kids’ Trek playground, gift shop, and café, to keep everyone safe and healthy. 

Get eye-to-eye with inquisitive otters. Spot elusive fishers snuggling in their dens. Stare out a lynx or cougar, seldom seen in the wild, and learn how to protect all these species.

Keeper Adventure Tour allows visitors to get up close and personal with a moose and stare down a bison. In this tour you can hop in the Jeep with one of the animal keepers, get off the tram tour roads and bring your household on a 90-minute animal adventure they’ll never forget. A clear plastic barrier in installed in the Jeep to help with social distancing between you and the keeper-driver. Each Jeep receives a full cleaning and sanitizing between use. Only one household allowed per vehicle to help keep everyone healthy. A wireless speaker lets you hear all the stories!




The Northwest Trek experience gives you a peek into the lives of native Northwest animals.

Bison cluster in the flat areas, eyeballing cars as they drive by. The caribou and the elk seem close enough to touch. The mix of animals that can be seen from the comfort of your own car is remarkable and the chance to see them in this way is a one-of-a-kind experience. On the Wild Walk path, you get even closer. Excited children will retell their journey for weeks to follow, while adults too will have a story to share.

Father and son watch an otter swim at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park
08-22-19 (Photo/Katie Cotterill) Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.