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Lewis' Monkeyflower

Lewis’ Monkeyflower


Flower Family: Mimulus lewisii is a perennial herb, with stem length ranging from 25-80 cm and individual leaves ranging from 20-70 mm. The vegetative tissue is covered with fine hairs. The flowers are medium in size, set on fairly long (30-70 mm) pedicels, and range in color from pale pink (generally found in the Sierra Nevada populations) to dark magenta (more common in the Cascade Range and Rocky Mountains populations), with a central pair of carotenoid-rich yellow nectar guides covered in trichomes on the lower lobe of the corolla. Occasional populations of white-flowered individuals (which do not express anthocyanin pigments in the corolla) are known.
Scientific Name: Figwort
Usual Color: Mimulus lewisii