The WNPF LastBag supports Washington’s National Parks | Visit Rainier

The WNPF LastBag supports Washington’s National Parks

Last BagThis holiday, your gifts can support the PEOPLE and PLACES you love

The WNPF LastBag from eqpd supports Washington’s National Parks AND local manufacturing

 This holiday, one gift can benefit both the PEOPLE and PLACES you love: The Washington’s National Park Fund LastBag™ is an iconic product that is WA-built, guaranteed for life, and helps support Mount Rainier, North Cascades, and Olympic National Parks.

“We’re very excited about our partnership with eqpd (“equipped”), a manufacturer based right here in Washington,” says Ashley Stokes, WNPF’s community engagement manager. “Purchasers get a lifetime reusable bag that handles everything from gear to groceries while supporting our parks and reducing waste.”

The WNPF LastBag™ is another example of eqpd’s Built-for-a-Purpose fundraising program—a unique business model that founder Jonathan Baker created to help organizations that support education, the environment, and the arts. “WNPF’s support of our public lands and wild places is a great fit with eqpd’s intentions. We hope to bring awareness and needed funding to these unique and precious places.”

Baker, a veteran outdoor gear designer who located his industrial design and manufacturing facility in rural Twisp, Washington, is passionate about keeping manufacturing “as close to home as possible” in order to support “sustainable, small-scale economies that build responsible products.”

“We use the principles of industrial design to manufacture products that help the entire system; from reducing our carbon footprint and creating WA jobs to developing an aesthetic that can be used by everyone. We have taken one of the most poorly designed and environmentally damaging products–the disposable bag–and infused it with function, purpose, and longevity.”

The WNPF LastBag™ is a rugged, waterproof bag with padded, reinforced handles and an adjustable webbing shoulder strap. The bag stands up for easy loading, folds flat for storage, is bleach safe, and cleans with a garden hose. “It’s designed to be the LastBag you’ll ever need,” Baker says. “And eqpd is proud to split the retail price of each LastBag with Washington’s National Park Fund.”

“Washington’s national parks are among our most treasured resources,” Stokes adds, “yet they’re threatened like never before. Although more visitors seek refuge and inspiration in our parks each year, their funding is constantly being reduced. Each year the National Park Service staff identify projects that cannot be funded through current budgets and submit detailed proposals to the Fund. Then, the community works to make those projects a reality–from science and research to restoration and improving visitor experience, through signs, maps, educational experiences, habitat preservation, and search and rescue gear. eqpd’s efforts to raise funds for these public lands can make a substantial impact in our ability to meet our parks’ critical needs. By purchasing a WNPF LastBag™, you get a lifetime product that represents your commitment to protecting and preserving our national parks now and for the future.”

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