Wildflower Identification Guide

Trying to name that flower you saw on your recent trip to the mountain? Or maybe you're looking to brush up on your botany before you hit the trail... Here's your guide to the world-famous wildflowers found at Mt. Rainier.

Top 10 Wildflower Hikes

It’s a phenomenon you must see to believe. Mt. Rainier’s wildflower displays are often heralded as the world’s best. Pinks, purples, blues, yellows…seemingly every color of the rainbow are represented in awe-inspiring displays. From an up-close look at a delic...
wdt_ID Name Wildflower Color Scientific Name
1 Alpine Aster Blue-purple Aster alpigenus
2 Alpine Phaceliab Blue-purple Phacelia sericea
3 Arnica, Broadleaf Yellow Arnica latifolia
4 Avalanche Lily White Erythronium montanum
5 Beargrass White Xerophyllum tenax
6 Bellflower Blue-purple Campanula piperi
7 Birds Beak Lousewort Red-pink Pedicularis ornithorhyncha
8 Bleeding Heart Pink Dicentra Formosa
9 Bog Orchid White Platanthera dilatata
10 Bracted Lousewort Yellow Pedicularis bracteosa
Name Wildflower Color Scientific Name