White Pass Ski Area Expansion

DATE: 9/23/10

Contact: Kathleen Goyette, Public Relations, 509.945.3189 / [email protected] -_-_
September 23, 2010 – White Pass, WA – The Basin Expansion is currently underway. Lift construction is complete while work continues on slope development and the High Camp Lodge.-_-_
The expansion includes: -_
*Basin Quad< /strong>. Fixed grip quad chairlift approximately 3,700 feet in length with a top terminal elevation of 6,200′. The Basin Quad includes 4 ski trails and one lodge access trail along with an access trail from the existing Holiday Trail and an egress trail to the existing Quail Trail.
Couloir Express< /strong>. Detachable quad chairlift approximately 4,200 feet in length with a top terminal elevation of 6,541′. The Couloir includes seven ski trails and and an egress trail from the High Camp Lodge.
Terrain< /strong>. All developed and undeveloped trails and facilities are in a sub-alpine area of naturally open vegetative terrain necessitating very little tree removal and almost no ground disturbance.
High Camp Lodge< /strong>. The High Camp Lodge is located on a slight ridgeline between the Basin & Couloir chairlifts. This structure is a critical component in the development of the basin by allowing White Pass guests to enjoy the two upper chairlifts without returning to the base area for services.
Also new at White Pass this season:-_
Ticketing System< /strong>. Axess ticketing system utilizing RFID smart cards and allowing direct-to-lift access
Parking Lot< /strong>. Located at the Southeast corner of the ski area
It is important to remember some of the reasons this expansion has been approved< /strong>:
* 1984 Washington Wilderness Act removed 800 acres for ski development at White Pass in exchange for 23,000 acres of wilderness. The acres set aside for wilderness were immediately included into the wilderness system, yet 20 years later the skiing public is still waiting for the agreed upon increase in developed ski terrain.
* The Congress of the United States provided for this action and would expect completion of their legislation.
* White Pass has experienced an increase of 36% in visits over the past four years highlighting the need to provide additional terrain to reduce skier /boarder density within the area.
* The expansion area is in an inventoried roadless area and, therefore the necessary facilities will be constructed without the use of roads. Helicopters, over snow travel and pathways will be used for all construction.
* The area is naturally gladed and open necessitating a maximum of 15 acres of tree removal over a 767 acre area.