Where to Rent Tire Chains This Winter?

Visiting Mount Rainier this Winter?

When dreaming of a getaway to Mount Rainier National Park visions of snowshoeing through pristine snow may come to mind. Eager to trek to a frozen waterfall, or play in the snow visitors are quick to pack winter coats, gloves, boots, etc. Tire chains aren’t something most folks want to throw in a suitcase but chains are a necessary item. All vehicles are required to carry tire chains when traveling in the park during the winter season which at Rainier is November 1 – May 1. This requirement applies to all vehicles (including Subaru and four-wheel-drives), regardless of tire type or weather conditions.

You may not be required to use chains, but you are required to carry them. All visitors should be prepared to put chains on their vehicles if conditions warrant. In the winter season, Mount Rainier National Park staff evaluate road conditions daily and post updates via Twitter. You do not need a Twitter account to read the updates. These daily tweets along with the park webcams offer helpful insights into road conditions. To read more about the tire chain requirement at Mount Rainier National Park click here.

Where to rent chains

ASHFORD (nearest the Nisqually Entrance) 

Ashford Valley Grocery
29716 State Route 706 E
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-2560

Paradise Village Hotel & Restaurant
31811 WA-706
Ashford, WA 98304

Suver’s General Store
(SUV and Truck sizes)
30402 State Route 706 E
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-2377

Whittaker Mountaineering
30027 State Route 706 E
Ashford, WA 98304
(360) 569-2142

Online orders at Whittaker Mountaineering must be placed at least one day before pickup. Call (360) 569-2142 for same-day rental reservations. Walk-ins accepted. Visitors can also rent snowshoes, snowboots, snow tubes, trekking poles, insulated jackets, gloves, and pants at Whittaker’s.


Eatonville Auto Parts- Napa
105 Center Street East
Eatonville, WA 98328
(360) 832-6272


Ed’s Morton Auto Parts- Napa
184 W Main Street
Morton, WA 98356
(360) 496-5141

New to putting chains on tires? Here’s a helpful video to watch.