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Volunteer Event Keep Wildlife Wild Weekend at Mount Rainier

DATE: 7/23/09

For Immediate Release

Contact: Alyssa Herr 360-569-2211, x3318
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Mount Rainier National Park will host its first annual Keep Wildlife Wild
Weekend July 25, 2009. In an effort to educate visitors about the negative
consequences of feeding wildlife. The day will focus on wildlife protection, observation and education to keep Mount Rainier’s wildlife wild.
Volunteers will educate visitors about the dangers of feeding wildlife through handouts and conversation. Volunteers will also collect data on wildlife species and the behavior of animals that have grown accustomed to obtaining food from visitors.< /p>

Wildlife feeding is an important issue, said Mount Rainier’s wildlife
ecologist Mason Reid. Once an animal obtains food from people it may beg
and steal human food. This behavior puts the wildlife at risk of injury,
starvation or death. The solution to the problem is to help visitors
understand that feeding wildlife does them more harm than good. < /p>

Join Mount Rainier in helping to keep wildlife wild! For more information,
or to sign up to volunteer visit our website at keepwildlifewild.eventbrite.com< /a>. For more information on volunteering for the park, visit Mount Rainier’s
volunteer website at
www.nps.gov /mora /supportyourpark /volunteer.htm< /a>< /p>

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