Silver Falls at Ohanapecosh

Trek to Silver Falls at Ohanapecosh

For admirers of waterfalls, Silver Falls is one of the park’s best. Here’s your opportunity for that forest experience of meandering through the tall trees, listening for the roar of the water ever-intensifying as you approach these dramatic falls. Although these falls are especially refreshing during the winter, Silver Falls continues to gush with incredible force during the drier summer months as well.

Once you arrive, be sure to take the path up to a viewpoint near the top of the falls, allowing you to appreciate the wonder of the falls from a scenic overlook. To access Silver Falls, take the easy 3-mile Silver Falls loop trail from the Ohanapecosh Campground.

Trek to Silver Falls at Ohanapecosh

When Stevens Canyon Road opens for the season, it’s a short 32-minute drive from Longmire to Silver Falls. Visitors can stay overnight in the Ashford and Longmire area and easily travel to see Silver Falls and other falls like Christine and Narada Falls in one day.


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