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Stained Glass

Tipsoo Lake Dazzles in Stained Glass

Tipsoo Lake dazzles in abstract beams of light and color, a vision in stained glass.

Recently we had a chance to catch up with Steve Burnett of Topeka, Kansas. Steve has skied the slopes of Crystal Mountain and hiked the trails of Mount Rainier National Park. He’s also a stained-glass artist who captured the beauty of Tipsoo Lake. 

What inspired this piece?

  • I made this piece for a couple that enjoys taking regular visits to Mount Rainier throughout the year. They fell in love with the mountain and I thought their love of Rainier deserved to be honored in glass.

How long did this labor of love take to create?

  • Approximately five months and 175 hours to complete this piece that measures 11 inches high and 16 inches wide.

What makes this piece unique?

  • Stained Glass PanelsThe Tipsoo Lake piece is a clear glass mosaic panel that includes some antique Kokomo glass that dates back to the 1920s. It was one of three panels framed together. I make all of my own frames for my work including these three-paneled pieces, in the Arts and Craftsman style, using white quarter-sawn oak and featuring ebony square pegs. Tipsoo Lake is the centerpiece of the three panels. The panel on the left is ‘Beach on Molokai, HI’ then Tipsoo Lake at Mt. Rainier in the center and ‘Bison on the Kansas Prairie’ on the right.

Where can people go to learn more about your work?

  • My Facebook page is the best place to connect with me and learn more about my stained glassworks.

From the chainsaw art at Old Calico Workshop to refined pottery made with volcanic ash at Ashford Creek Pottery, and stunning photographs on display at the DeWitt’s Elbe Junction… the region has many opportunities to purchase handcrafted bespoke art. We love seeing the scenery of the region inspire so many artists. Tipsoo Lake remains a very popular subalpine lake in the Chinook Pass Area. In summer, fall, and even winter (for intrepid snowshoers) it’s a beautiful place to visit. 


  • Location | Tipsoo Lake is located near the summit of Chinook Pass. Part of Mount Rainier National Park. No dogs allowed on the trail. Coordinates 46.868081, -121.517278
  • Best time to Go | Summer and Fall. The Chinook Pass to Tipsoo Lake is accessible during the summer months and usually closed during winter. Check with WSDOT for road closures and conditions.
  • Local Lodging | found in Greenwater and Crystal Mountain
  • Hiking at Tipsoo Lake includes a half-mile walk around the lake and a longer 3.4-mile walk along the Naches Peak Loop Trail. Additional lakes nearby include Ghost Lake, Deadwood Lakes, Sheep Lake, Dewey Lake, and Crystal Lake.