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Top Sunset Hikes Near Mount Rainier

Wondering which hikes lead to the best sunsets with views of Mount Rainier? 

Alpenglow is a beautiful site, those gorgeous hues of red, pink, and purple are magnificent. Add in those colors over Mount Rainier and you truly have a majestic sight to behold. But which trails can you take to see those views? Plan your hike for the correct time, and here are our top picks for trails that lead to views of the mountain. 

  1. Skyline Trail to Myrtle Falls – access the trailhead above the visitor center at Paradise
  2. Reflection Lakes -access via the Nisqually Entrance, or the Stevens Canyon Entrance
  3. Fremont Lookout – bonus, may have cloud inversions plus the sunset glow access from Sunrise
  4. Tipsoo Lake – access from SR410
  5. Tolmie Peak – access from Mowich Lake
  6. Spray Park – access from Mowich Lake
  7. Gobbler’s Knob – access from Westside Road


  1. Check the weather forecast and the approximate time of the sunset so you plan your hike accordingly.
  2. Plan your departure time from the trailhead so that you’ll arrive at your viewpoint 20 minutes before sunset.
  3. Carry extra layers to wear, the temperature can drop significantly after the sunsets. You want to bask in the glow, not freeze.
  4. Carry a headlamp for the hike back to your vehicle. A cell phone battery is not sufficient, you’ll want a headlamp.
  5. If you choose one of the trails near water make sure to apply or carry mosquito repellent.