Star & Meteor Party Coming Up at Mt. Rainier

A message from Mt. Rainier National Park on August 2, 2013: 

Star/Meteor Party & Natural Lightscapes Program at Paradise: 8:00 PM, Saturday August 10, 2013

Families and individuals of all ages are invited to the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National Park

for a special program on Saturday August 10. The event coincides with the Perseid meteor shower which will peak during the second week of August. The program starts at 8:00 PM in the lobby of the Paradise Inn with a short presentation about the National Park Service “Natural Lightscapes” program. The National Park Service has come to embrace night skies as one of the many scenic vistas the agency is a steward of. It is essential to keeping a park whole and touches on almost every aspect that is important to us – from sustainability to stargazers, and animals to ancient ruins. At 8:45 PM there will be outdoor star and meteor gazing next to the Paradise Visitor Center with Tacoma Astronomical Society (TAS) volunteers and their telescopes. Volunteers will also assist visitors to make astronomy devices called star finders.

If weather makes star gazing difficult, the party will move inside the Paradise Inn lobby for star finder making and a question and answer session with the astronomers.

Entry to the park is $15 per private vehicle. There is no fee for the Star Party and Natural Lightscapes

If you have questions please contact Park Ranger Curt Jacquot at (360) 569-6577.

Information about the Tacoma Astronomy Society is found online at:

General park information is available at or by calling 360-569-2211.

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