Spring Opening Dates at Mt. Rainier

Another winter season at the mountain is coming to a close as we welcome spring to Mt. Rainier National Park! Snow is melting and the roads are being cleared. Throughout the park the annual process of spring opening has begun. Here is a look at the tentative opening schedule around the park:

Cayuse Pass: Now open

Chinook Pass: May 28

Jackson Visitor Center: Beginning 7 days/week operations May 8

Paradise Inn: May 21

White River Road to campground parking lot: May 21

Cougar Rock Campground & Picnic Area: Noon on May 28

Wilderness Information Center at Longmire: May 28

Ohanapecosh Campground: Noon on May 28

Paradise Valley Road: May 28

Ohanapecosh Visitor Center: May 28

Paradise Picnic Area: May 28

White River Campground: Noon on June 25

Sunrise Road: June 25

Mowich Lake Road: July 2

Sunrise Lodge: July 2

Sunrise Visitor Center: July 2

A note to remember, these dates are all projected and based on the current conditions around the mountain. Conditions can change, so before you go, check out the road conditions at the park. Recorded information is also available from the Park by phone at 360-569-2211.

Anxious to get out on the trail? The word from the park is that the snowpack is low below 3500 feet and near average above. Signs all point to an early spring hiking season at the mountain if current conditions continue. Great news! Click here for detailed hiking reports around the mountain. A handful of trails are open now for hiking.