Sourdough Ridge Photography - Visit Rainier
Sourdough Ridge Trail. Photo Courtesy Janelle Walker

Sourdough Ridge Photography

This is a trail literally in the sky between Sunrise Point and Frozen. Starting at Sunrise climb to the T-junction on the Sourdough Ridge trail: head south (toward Mt. Rainier) or explore other trails that can be accessed from Sourdough Ridge including Huckleberry Creek, Fremont Lookout, Berkeley Park and stretches of The Wonderland Trail.

Heading north (toward Sunrise Point) you’ll find more viewpoints with a better chance of solitude and photo-worthy views in all directions. Spend the day at Sunrise; get there for sunrise or sunset for alpenglow on Mount Rainier. In addition to views, wildflowers bloom early on the road between Sunrise Point and Sunrise as the snow melts.