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Adventure Solo Camper

NEW Adventure Solo Camper Near Mt. Rainier

We get it, sometimes you want a simple quick trip to the mountain. You don’t want to hassle with minimum night stays. You don’t want to pay expensive booking fees, or cleaning fees for a vacation rental. You’re traveling solo so you don’t need a big cabin, but you want something more private than a hostel. Something rustic, but with indoor plumbing. If that resonates with you here’s a rustic camper that offers a unique getaway for the solo traveler. 

Rent the Adventure Solo Camper at Altimeter Cabin in Ashford, Washington.

As a guest you’ll have exclusive use of the entire camper and Cedar Bath House. The cozy camper has a single twin bed to sleep one. Running water and restroom facilities with shower, sink and toilet are available a few steps away in the private Cedar Bath House.

Love glamping? There’s a firepit next to the trailer with seating and there’s even a lighted tipi frame for some cool ambiance. You’ll enjoy a forested property with plenty of PNW vibes and you might even see some of the “locals” a small herd of deer wander through the property. 

Adventure Solo Camper Accommodation Rules

  • Advance reservations required (no walk-ins)
  • No pets allowed
  • Nonsmoking camper 
  • Single occupancy only
  • Quiet hours start at 10:00 PM

Air conditioned? There is no AC but there are two fans provided and the windows do open to allow for fresh air. There is electricity to the trailer so a guest can charge a phone, GPS etc. The Adventure Solo Camper is located 3.2 miles from the Nisqually Entrance to Mount Rainier National Park. Approximately 70 miles from the Seattle Tacoma International Airport. To check rates and availability visit or call (253) 651-6812 to place a reservation.



Q: Does the stove in the trailer work? 

A: No, the retro stove isn’t a working unit however there is a nice propane Weber barbecue grill provided exclusively for the camper.

Q: Can I rent the Adventure Solo Camper any time of the year? 

A: Guests are welcome May through September.

Q: Are linens provided? Does anything else come with the trailer?

A: Yes linens are provided towels and sheets. Plus the camper comes supplied with BBQ utensils, a coffee pot, coffee, tea, sugar, creamer, basic paper plates, cups, and plastic ware.

Q: Is there a refrigerator or microwave?

A: The original vintage icebox in the camper works pretty great with a block of ice in there. Ice is available at Suver’s General Store just a short drive from the camper. There is a small microwave.

Q: Is there WIFI? What’s the cell phone signal situation?

A: Yes, there’s spotty coverage. There’s a weak signal available. It’s strong enough to let you check messages but not strong enough to stream a movie, or send or download big files.