Skookum Falls

Although 250 foot Skookum Falls is spectacular from a viewpoint on Highway 410, the hikes that get you close to the falls are great treks. The easy trail from FS Rd. 73 follows the White River upstream about two miles, while another moderate trail option from Buck Creek Rd. follows the river downstream for three miles. The scramble to the base of the falls is steep and soft but worth the little extra effort. The word Skookum in the Chinook Tribe means evil spirit, however, I have also heard it was another name for Bigfoot…

Height: 250 feet | Form: Tiered Horsetails | Number of Drops: 2

Source Stream: Skookum Creek | Access: Car or Easy Hike

Location: 47.05038 N, -121.57655 W

Directions: From Enumclaw, travel 25 miles on Highway 410, past Greenwater to the signed viewpoint. View the falls on the far side of the river. Also reach the falls on foot by driving about 1.7 miles further down the road, just past Camp Sheppard, finding the trailhead on the right side of the road. The trail crosses the White River and then splits. Turn right and continue two miles to the falls.