The White Pass and Chinook Scenic Byways | Visit Rainier

Sightsee on the White Pass and Chinook Scenic Byways

Flanked to the north and south by two nationally recognized scenic byways, take a sightseeing adventure to Mt. Rainier this summer and see the sights from the comfort of your car.

The White Pass Scenic Byway skirts the park to the south, while the Chinook Byway passes through the park to the north. Both byways provide incredible opportunities for experiencing the area’s beauty – a photographer’s dream come true. Enjoy a journey passing through small mountain communities, resource lands, river valleys, foothills, and alpine country. In addition to Mt. Rainier National Park, the regions surrounding the byways include agricultural lands, commercial and forestland properties, as well as state parks, wildlife areas, the Gifford Pinchot and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests.

Scenic Byways Driving Tours

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