Road Pavement Preservation Work within Mount Rainier National Park Begins July 12

DATE: 7/7/10

For Immediate Release-_
Eric J. Walkinshaw, 360-569-2166

Mount Rainier National Park and Federal Department of Transportation officials announce that road pavement preservation work will take place in Mount Rainier National beginning Monday July 12 through Tuesday August 31, 2010.

Work includes: pavement patching; fog sealing pavement patches; chip seal roadway (fractured aggregate rock embedded in asphaltic oil); and painting roadway centerlines and shoulder lines. Work will take place primarily Mondays through Thursdays, with some carryover work on Fridays due to
anticipated weather delays.

The public can anticipate minimum delays on State Route 123, Sunrise Road, and Ohanapecosh Campground roads on the east side of the park. And, Cougar Rock Campground /Picnic area and the Paradise Picnic area on the west side of the park. There will also be activities on the Tahoma Woods
Administrative, Nisqually Entrance, Longmire, and Ohanapecosh service area roads. However, activities in these areas will primarily impact park staff. There will be no work on the Nisqually to Paradise Road, Stevens Canyon Road, and State Route 410 at this time.

Following a competitive bid process, a contract was awarded by the Central Federal Lands Highway Division in Denver, Colorado for $2,588,550.00 to Granite Northwest, Inc. of Yakima Washington who has been involved in similar work in Olympic and North Cascade National Parks, as well as National Park Service facilities in the San Juan Islands.

Updated information on this project may be obtained by calling Mount Rainier National Park at 360-569-2166. Information on this project, as well as general park information, is also available on Mount Rainier National Park’s Intranet Homepage ( /mora).


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