Reflection Lakes Photography - Visit Rainier
Reflection of Mt Rainier in Reflections Lake

Reflection Lakes Photography

Whether hiking or enjoying a scenic drive through the park these poignantly-beautiful lakes offer the quintessential vista of Mt Rainier. Summer provides views and photo opportunities revealing the extent of the mountains glaciers and snow pack. Summer wildflowers border the Stevens Canyon Road and in fall, the lakes are set off by displays of mountain ash and a harvest of fall color. Winter viewing is equally spectacular when the clouds part for views of Mount Rainier for skiers and snowshoers (don’t venture out onto the lakes on foot). The lakes are located off the Stevens Canyon Road and are still accessible by car (or foot) from Paradise.


If you have some time, be sure to check out the Reflection Lakes Hike or, when snow’s on the ground, snowshoeing hikes like Narada Falls to Reflection Lakes, or the Reflection Lakes Snowshoe Loop