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Pursuit DIstilling Co

Pursuit Distilling Company

Why Visit? 

The still at Pursuit Distilling CoPursuit Distilling Company is a place for visitors to enjoy cocktails, experience the tasting room, sip, and shop. It’s the only place to buy the exclusive limited edition Pursuit Distilling Company spirits. And it’s where you can meet the still. Through the window in the back of their tasting room in Enumclaw, Washington visitors can glimpse the stainless steel and copper of the continuous still gleaming beautifully. Impressive as it may appear, the owners don’t consider their still a feat of engineering, but a part of our family. The still is one of a kind in the Northwest. It’s a living, breathing part of their pursuit with a personality of its own. So the owners treat it nicely,  listen to it carefully, and work together to master beautiful spirits that reflect our patient insistence on perfection. It might be a little weird to care as much about a still as they do, but it’s true.  If you come to visit they’d be happy to introduce you. Owned by descendants of a NW timber family, they focus on high-quality spirits and bringing people together for good times.

Tasting Room Hours

Monday to Wednesday 1-5pm
Thursday to Saturday 1-7pm


Local Lodging Near Pursuit Distillery

  • The GuestHouse Inn is located 1/2 a mile from the distillery, a 10-minute walk from the tasting room. 


Address | 2321 Cole St. Suite 102, Enumclaw, WA 98022
Tasting Room at Pursuit Distilling Co