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The mesmerizing sight of a never-ending column of water. The beauty and power in the roar of the falls. Because Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the lower 48 states, the park alone is home to over 150 waterfalls, many over 300 feet in height. The 25 active glaciers also power a similar density of waterfalls outside the park boundaries.

Many of these waterfalls can be seen from a roadside viewpoint while others are the reward of a day hike. Some are pretty and bubbly, others thunder with power. This list outlines those falls accessible and worthy of a visit. The list is growing, so check back as we add more falls.

wdt_ID Name Height Form Source Access Best Flow
1 Carter Falls 53 ft. Plunge Paradise River Moderate Hike Year Round
2 Chenuis Falls 287 ft. Steep Cascade Chenuis Creek Easy Hike Winter - Spring
3 Christine Falls 69 ft. Tiered Plunges Van Trump Creek Car Year Round
4 Comet Falls 462 ft. Tiered Plunges Van Trump Creek Moderate Hike May - July
5 Covel Creek Falls 75 ft. Segmented Plunges Covell Creek Moderate Hike Spring
6 Denman Falls 141 ft. Plunge Saint Andrews Creek Long Hike / Mtn Bike May - August
7 Fairy Falls 680 ft. Tiered Horsetail N/A Difficult/Discouraged May-August
8 Goat Falls 10 ft. Plunge Goat Creek Easy Hike Year Round
9 Ipsut Falls 60 ft. Tiered Horsetails Ipsut Creek Moderate Hike/Bike Spring - Summer
10 Kautz Creek Falls 400 ft. Tiered Plunges Kautz Creek Difficult Hike June - October
11 Lava Creek Falls 250 ft. Horsetail Cowlitz River Easy/Roadside Access May-August
12 Little Mashel Falls 120 ft. Veiling Horsetail Little Mashel River Moderate Hike Winter - Spring
13 Madcap Falls 34 ft. Gradual Cascade Paradise River Moderate Hike May - August
14 Myrtle Falls 72 ft. Horsetail Edith Creek Easy Hike Summer
15 Narada Falls 176 ft. Horsetail Paradise River Car Year Round
16 Ranger Falls 172 ft. Tiered Horsetails Ranger Creek Moderate Hike Winter - Spring
17 Ruby Falls 52 ft. Tiered Plunges Paradise River Easy / Roadside Access Year-round
18 Skookum Falls 250 ft. Tiered Horsetails Skookum Creek Car or Easy Hike April - July
19 Sluiskin Falls 155 ft. Horsetail Paradise River Moderate Hike June - August
20 Snoquera Falls 400 ft. Tiered Plunges Snoquera Creek Moderate Hike April - July
21 Spray Falls 354 ft. Veiling Horsetail Spray Creek Moderate Hike May-September
Name Height Form Source Access Best Flow

Spray Falls

Spray Falls

Hiking to Spray Falls, witness incredible beauty even before reaching these mighty falls. This one is a must on the ...
Comet Falls

Comet Falls

The drama of the falls, along with its easy access make Comet Falls one of the park’s most popular waterfalls. ...
Myrtle Falls and Mount Rainier

Myrtle Falls

Myrtle Falls offers a stunning viewpoint located only a quarter of a mile from the parking lot at Paradise, Mount Rainier National Park. ...
Christine Falls

Christine Falls

Some of the prettiest and most easily accessible falls in Mt. Rainier National Park, Christine Falls offers a charming intimate ...

Narada Falls

To visit Narada Falls from the Nisqually Entrance to the park, follow the road 14 miles to a signed viewpoint and parking lot. Follow a short trail for full views of the falls. ...

Snoquera Falls

At 400 feet, Snoquera Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls on the north side of Mt. Rainier National Park. ...
Ranger Falls

Ranger Falls

Ranger Falls, The 4-mile walk through the moderate rainforest is an incredible experience in itself, even before reaching beautiful Ranger Falls in the Carbon River corner of the park.  ...
Denman Falls

Denman Falls

Denman Falls is a spectacular waterfall accessed from the West Side Road inside Mt. Rainier National Park. The waterfall is ...
Fairy Falls

Fairy Falls

Famous photographers, including Asasel Curtis, photographed the waterfall in the early 19th century. Originally estimated to be 1,000 feet tall, 680 feet is more accurate... ...

Hike to Madcap Falls

Madcap Falls is a small 34-foot high gradual cascade located a short distance downstream from Tatoosh Creek on the Paradise ...