Hike to Pinnacle Peak - Visit Rainier
Mount Peak Lookout Tower

Hike to Pinnacle Peak

Pinnacle Peak (Or Mount Peak) is a gorgeous hike in Enumclaw

This is a 1.8-mile loop that took me about an hour to go up. But if you know the routes well, it should only take you up to thirty minutes. Parking for this trail is also easily assessable.

This hike is dog friendly.

I saw many wonderful pups when I was on the trail. I recommend going when the sun’s out. It makes for beautiful pictures with the 60-foot tower against the sun, it makes the red in the wood stand out. The lookout tower at the very top is also very well maintained. When my friend and I went up, there was a worker, sanding down the railings where you rest up to look out at the scenery. He also was very friendly and asked us how we thought the hike was. And it was breathtaking! Lots of trees, with a view of the entire area. The tower has an open layout all around the structure, with no windows, so you can see the entire forest and view of mountains surrounding you from all angles. There are also a few benches inside the tower that you can rest on after getting to the top. It’s a great place to stop and have lunch at after a long walk through the forest.

One thing I loved about this hike was that there were a few journals up at the lookout tower.

Log book in the new Mount Peak Lookout TowerSo many people wrote in the log! I stopped for a bit to sign my name and how I felt about the hike myself. I wish more hikes would do this: have some sort of spot for hikers to write about their journey or add something for other hikers to take with them. I understand though that some hikes don’t have a destination “spot,” like a lookout tower, and are unable to do this. Still, I thought this was a cool add-on for hikers once they made it to the top.

I would be sure to bring lots of water. The path is uphill to the tower. I would also suggest carrying bug spray. If you ever feel like no one likes you, go on this hike and the bugs will disagree. I like bringing my camera on hikes with me, so I was able to get shots of the top of the tower as well as the tower itself, to add to my list of hikes I’ve been on in the Northwest. I would like to go back to this one in the wintertime. Hopefully when there’s snow.

There are many ways to get to the lookout tower.

It can be a little confusing but if this is your first time, or if you’re not good with an uphill climb I’d say don’t continue following the trail upward. It’s a gravel area. After the first picnic bench, there’s a sign that shows the title of the trail. BEFORE that sign, to the left is a trail that goes into the forest, that leads you up to the tower much faster. It saved my knees coming down that’s for sure! And also cut our time in half. If you take a different path that I didn’t mention, don’t worry, they all eventually get you to the top. And if you do go the long way, it’s manageable. Just a little rough and rocky as I soon came to find out. If you ever need a sense of adventure, this is the perfect hike to look at a stunning part of the Northwest.

Written by Zoie Raum

Zoie Raum
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