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Luetkea is a genus of herbaceous plants in the Rosaceae family. One species is accepted. Luetkea pectinata (Partridgefoot or Lutkea) is a mat-forming semi-shrub. It is endemic to the cold portions of western North America occurring in subarctic Alaska, Yukon, western Northwest Territories, and subalpine to alpine regions of British Columbia, southwestern Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, northern California and western Montana. The inflorescence of L. pectinata is a dense and erect terminal cluster 10 to 150 mm high with several to many short-stalked flowers. The leaves are 7 to 20 mm long and two or three times three-dissected. The last segments are linear or lanceolate. The fruit is a follicle with several seeds.

Flower Family: Rose
Scientific Name: Luetkea pectinata
Usual Color: White