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Packwood Mountain House Interior

Packwood Mountain House


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Packwood, WA 98361

3 Rooms / 1 Unit | Sleeps 6

Check-in: 4:00 PM
Check-out: 11:00 AM

Packwood Mountain House is a charming, dog-friendly cabin with a cedar hot tub and outdoor pizza oven in Packwood, WA

The property features a chalet-style main cabin with a detached bunkhouse, a fenced half-acre yard, a covered gazebo with an outdoor Gozney Pizza Dome, and a Snorkel cedar hot tub. The main cabin contains a wood stove, a well-appointed kitchen, a primary bedroom with a queen bed, and two twin xl beds in the loft. The detached bunkhouse contains a queen bed and is heated for year-round use. Combined, this cabin accommodates six guests and up to two dogs across three bedrooms and one bathroom.

The couch in the living room is also a queen mattress pullout. Because the duo that remodeled this cabin comes from the restaurant industry, we’ve stocked the kitchen with some of our favorite restaurant tools like a Vitamix blender, a large Dutch oven, and a cocktail mixing kit. A Gozney Dome outdoor pizza oven and gas grill accompany the covered outdoor dining area. And since this is the Pacific Northwest, the coffee setup is expansive: Oxo burr coffee grinder, Moccamaster coffee brewer with stainless filter, a French press, and instant hot water built into the sink for tea or cocoa.


The grounds are fenced and half an acre located a short walk from the Cowlitz river and Gifford Pinchot National Forest.  The fenced outdoor space features our bunkhouse with a queen bed, blackout curtains, and air conditioning. Six-person cedar soaking tub, outdoor fire pit, covered gazebo with dining table, Gozney pizza dome, and gas grill.


  • A five min stroll to Gifford Pinchot National Forest and the Cowlitz river
    20 mins to Goat Rocks Wilderness
    25 mins to Mount Rainier National Park (Stevens canyon entrance)
    30 mins to White Pass ski resort
    30 mins to the Pacific Crest Trail
    40 mins to both Rimrock and Walupt Lakes
    50 mins to Mount St Helens and Mount Adams


Unscented Carina Organics body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, and lotion


Walk-in shower

Towels and Parachute robes

Free use of the guest laundry, washer and dryer in unit with two unscented Dropps laundry pods provided

Main bedroom features a Molecule mattress with topper, which we’ve found to be ideal after a long day of adventure. All other bedrooms feature plush, pillow top mattresses that we’ve been told provide the best sleep ever.

Bed linens with extra pillows and blankets

Clothing storage: wardrobe and dressers

4K Frame TV with Roku

Record player with records

Books and reading material

Board games such as Yeti, Catan, Sorry, Scrabble, and Anomia


Gozney Dome pizza oven

Cedar soaking tub with lights (gently treated with chlorine)

Fenced yard


Two firepits: rustic (far backyard) and stainless, smokeless pit.

Covered gazebo with dining furniture

Horseshoe pit

Gas grill

Appliances: Instant hot water faucet; Convection oven; electric stove; refrigerator with drawer freezer, icemaker, and in-door filtered water; microwave; toaster; Vitamix blender; handheld mixer (kitchenaid to arrive mid-September); kitchen scale; spice grinder. Note there is NOT a dishwasher on site.

Coffee: caddies for cream and sugar, french press, Technivorme Moccamaster thermal (learn how to brew here), OXO burr coffee grinder

Cooking staples: Organic flour, semolina flour (optional for pizza oven dusting), white sugar, raw sugar, stevia powder, white vinegar, olive oil, canola oil liquid and spray,

Spices: Whole dried spices (basil, chili flake, coriander, fennel seed, Italian blend, marjoram, oregano, paprika, parsley, rosemary, sea salt); Diamond kosher salt, whole black pepper;

Dishware: wine glasses, mason jar glassware, coffee mugs, entree plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, flatware

Bar: mixology kit, wine keys and bottle opener,

Linens: dishtowels, potholders, cork trivets, cork coasters, cloth napkins

Bakeware: various sizes of cookie sheets, three sizes of casserole dishes, muffin/cupcake tin, round cake pans, pie plates, 6 cup bundt pan

Cookware: 8qt dutch oven, various sizes of pots and pans, small wok, large and medium sized non-stick pan

Serveware: Wooden cutting board and tray, small and large wooden pedestals with domes, large serving bowl

Pizza oven: Infrared thermometer, welding gloves, pizza peel, turning peel, cleaning brush, pizza cutter, small metal trays for non-pizza items

BBQ: cooking utensils, tongs, wire brush for cleaning, metal skewers

Misc: Cutting boards, BBQ trays (white with blue enamel),

Utensils: Nonstick cooking spatula, whisk, rubber spatulas, tongs (regular and bbq), Henckles knives and knife block, microplane, can opener

  • Hot tub: prior to using the hot tub guests are asked to please shower/rinse off to remove dirt, mud, lotions, soaps, etc. in the water. Absolutely NO salts, bath bombs or bubbles allowed. NO glass to avoid accidents. Please use plastic or metal cups. Please review and decide if this is a fit for you and your guests. Failure to do so might lead to draining and extra extensive maintenance which would result in extra $300 fee.
  • Check-in after 4:00 PM
  • Checkout before 11:00 AM
  • 6 guests maximum
  • Quiet hours are 10:00 PM – 8:00 AM
  • No parties or events
  • No smoking
  • Guests are asked to remove shoes in the house, especially in the winter when the walkways are salted. This helps preserve the wood floors.
  • Like many homes in small towns, this cabin is on a septic system. Products like diapers, tampons, disposable wipes, paper towels and other products that are occasionally marketed as flushable easily clog septic tanks. Please follow the recommended guidelines for septic tank use.
  • Dogs permitted. Cats are not permitted due to the owners severe allergies. 2 dogs allowed, must be accounted for in the reservation. Pick up after your pet to help provide a good experience for future pet parents who stay with us. Dogs can be left in the cabin to allow guests to hike in the national park, however we ask that they be crated while separated. Please make a best effort to keep dogs off the furniture. If your pet has an accident, please let us know right away.
  • The firewood on the property is not available for guest use. Unpermitted use will result in a fine of $100, this includes the wood pulled from both the decorative box inside by the wood stove and the wall of wood located in the carport area. Firewood can be purchased from the grocery store Blanton’s in town when burning is permitted. For self-provided wood there is a metal rack on the porch for wood storage during your visit near the front door off the living room. Outdoor Fires All outdoor fires must be be tended to or face automatic eviction. While we have two fire pits- a rustic pit in the back and a smokeless stainless in the front- we take burn bans seriously. The current fine issued by the fire marshal is $500 to both the guest and house host should you burn during a ban and automatic eviction. The SWCAA website provides information on current burn conditions.
  • Although rare, there may be times during the winter months that the tub is inaccessible due to inclement weather such as heavy snow fall. We make a best effort to ensure the tub is accessible year round and have provided a snow shovel on site for your use if needed. Please use only the snow shovel if necessary to clear the wooden hot tub steps as the provided rock salt used on the main walk ways can damage the wood overtime. Do be mindful that during the colder months, ice may build on the hot tub steps. Please gauge your level of comfort in accessing the tub should you notice ice.
  • Gozney Dome/pizza oven This part may sound a little more intense than it actually is. We want to make sure you don’t need to open up the first aid kit while others are enjoying pizza so follow these basic guidelines and you’ll be good. There are two heating option- gas or wood. A minimum of one hour heat up time is required with gas and an hour plus depending on conditions with wood to heat. Only use the small, provided, kiln dried wood should you choose the wood option as other choices may crack the stone. Please note, propane is the preferred cooking option based on the tools we have available. Do not start or operate Dome if stone is wet, this can crack the stone and will incur a damage charge. Guests must use proper equipment to avoid injury and operate Pizza Dome successfully. This includes provided metal trays for non-pizza items (ex: steaks, vegetables, etc.), pizza peel and turning peel, infrared thermometer, and welding gloves. These items can be found in the kitchen- gloves and thermometer in the drawer labeled pizza, trays in the cupboard below the drawer, and the peels on the side of the fridge. Guests must clean the stone with provided dry brush before departure of house. DO NOT attempt to clean right after use or with soap and water. The recommended cleaning consists of the following: 1. After cooking- turn up oven to high for 15-30 mins depending on spills to cook off any visible material. 2. After heating period, do not attempt to clean. Cleaning must take place after oven is cool (minimum cool down time of 8+ hours) to properly clean and avoid injury. 3. To clean, use provided dry brush to wipe out burnt crumbs. Do not clean with soap and water. Soot on the pizza oven (both outside and inside) is a normal occurrence, we simply ask for cooked food crumbs to be brushed out.