Mountain Biking at Packwood Lake - Visit Rainier

Mountain Biking at Packwood Lake

Area: Packwood Pass: National Forest Pass
Distance: 8.6 miles, out & back Duration: Difficulty Level: Beginner
Elevation Start: Elevation End: Elevation Gain: 100 ft
Prime Season: Mid-May – Late-Oct    

Q: What is it like to go mountain biking at Packwood Lake? 

A: You can ride on wide singletrack and dirt road. Mostly flat with a few short hills. This is a great ride for families because you can also picnic at the lake and return. From the parking area, get on the gated service road, FR 066, and follow it to a 4-way intersection (3.2 miles). Go straight and get on trail 74 and follow it to the lake (4.3 miles).

Q: What other mountain biking areas are nearby? 

A: Crystal Mountain is 41 miles / about a 90-minute drive. During the summer months, there are hiking and mountain biking trails accessible there along with dining, lodging, RV campsites, and other activities. 


Starting Point: 46.608471703958664, -121.62839412689209  

For more information about visiting Packwood Lake please contact 

Cowlitz Valley Ranger District
10024 US Hwy 12
PO Box 670
Randle, WA 98377
(360) 497-1100

Q: Can I go swimming at Packwood Lake? 

A: Brrr. The main source of water for Packwood Lake comes from glaciers so it’s pretty cold. 

Q: How far is Packwood Lake from Longmire at Mount Rainier National Park? 

A: It’s just under 30 miles, approximately an hour and ten-minute drive.

Q: Is there fishing at Packwood Lake? 

A: Yes, you can fish at Packwood Lake but with restrictions. Click here for more information on what to fish for, the best time of year, and more.

Q: Are dogs allowed? 

A: Yes. Please keep dogs on a leash and dispose of pet waste responsibly. 

Q: Can I see Mount Rainier from Packwood Lake? 

A: You can sneak occasional views of Mount Rainier from the hiking trail. From the lake, you have a nice view of Johnson Peak and the Goat Rocks area.

Q: What are some options for nearby camping close to Packwood Lake?  

A: La Wis Wis Campground is 10 miles away. The Ohanapecosh Campground is located at Mount Rainier National Park is 14 miles from Packwood Lake. And further away (21 miles away) there is dispersed camping at Butler Creek.

Q: Are there bears at Packwood Lake? 

A: Yes, there can be bears along with deer, elk, and though you probably won’t see one there have been known to be cougars in the area.

Q: Can I bring my jet-ski to Packwood Lake? 

A: No. Motorized watercraft are prohibited. Kayaks, rowboats, canoes, and paddleboards are allowed.