Historical Features

Edith Corbett

In 1891 becomes second woman to climb Mount Rainier after failed attempt with Fay Fuller a year earlier. Being part of a successful climbing party that included 13-year old Susan Longmire; earning these two women the honors of being the second and third woman to summit the mountain.

William Fraser Tolmie

In 1833, Tolmie becomes first European to visit and record the glaciers and plants of what is now Mount Rainier National Park.

August V. Kautz

In 1857, Army Lieutenant Kautz makes the first attempt to summit Mount Rainier.

Indian Henry (So-To-Lick)

Skilled mountain guide who led James Longmire, John Muir, and many other early climbing parties to Mount Rainier. Also an early settler in the Eatonville area who prospered and lived comfortably within both Native and Euro-American circles.

Edward Sturgis Ingraham

Climber and national park advocate accompanied John Muir to Rainier's summit; named Muir Camp and several other places on the mountain.

Samuel Franklin Emmons

In 1870 along with A.D. Wilson becomes the second successful party to reach the summit of Mount Rainier.