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Mt. Rainier's Waterfalls

New Spotlight: Mt. Rainier’s Waterfalls

Myrtle Falls at Paradise

The mesmerizing sight of a never-ending column of water. The beauty and power in the roar of the falls. Because Mount Rainier is the most glaciated peak in the lower 48 states, the park alone is home to over 150 waterfalls, many over 300 feet in height. The 25 active glaciers also power a similar density of waterfalls outside the park boundaries.

Many of these waterfalls can be seen from a roadside viewpoint; others are the reward of a day hike. Some are pretty and bubbly, others thunder with power.

Visit Rainier is excited to be creating a new database of those falls accessible and worthy of a visit. The list is growing quickly,  and we’ve only just begun… so check back as we add more falls. Click here for profiles and directions to Mt. Rainier’s waterfalls.

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