Narada Falls

This magical waterfall – and popular Mt. Rainier tourist attraction – is located on the road from Longmire to Paradise, just one mile west of the entrance to the Paradise area. At 176 feet high, the falls have two distinct features: the top tier, and tallest at 159 feet is a horsetail fall, so described because it has multiple channels down the rock face.

The lower tier is a 17-foot plunge to a pool. Reached by a short, but often wet and slippery path, the best viewing is from below the road. Parking is convenient and for any visitor, especially waterfalls devotees, this stop is a must-see. There is a trail available to hike down below the falls however it is often wet and slippery, and not typically snow-free until late May.

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Q: Can I hike to the bottom of the falls?

A: Yes. It’s a short but steep trail. It’s best enjoyed during the drier late summer months. The trail can get slippery in the wetter months of spring.

Height: 176 feet | Form: Horsetail | Number of Drops: 2

Source Stream: Paradise River | Access: Car

Location: 46.7750000,-121.7461110

Directions: From the Nisqually Entrance to the park, follow the road 14 miles to a signed viewpoint and parking lot. Follow a short trail for full views of the falls.