Narada Falls Photography

Waterfalls draw visitors ranging from professional photographers to first-time visitors; Narada Falls is no exception. This thrilling waterfall is located along the Nisqually-Paradise road between Longmire and Paradise. The waterfall has two distinct features: the top tier and tallest at 150 feet is a “horsetail” fall, so described because the multiple channels fan out as they tumble down a rocky cliff (the lower tier plunges into a pool). Reached by a short, but often wet and slippery path, the best views are from below the road. Parking is convenient and for any visitor, especially waterfalls devotees. This waterfall is a must-see.

Waterfall photography tips: Waterfalls are notoriously difficult to photograph. To slow the action of tumbling cascades you can slow the shutter speed on your camera for the “soft” water affect (a tripod is necessary in low-light). To reduce glare and reflections on water use a polarizer lens. To enhance the effects of moving water use a high shutter speed. If in doubt, “bracket”. Take a series of photographs to over or under-expose the subject. Don’t be afraid to experiment, its fun.

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