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Myrtle Falls and Mount Rainier

Myrtle Falls

If you can tear your eyes away from the view of Mount Rainier at Paradise there’s another nearby attraction: 72 foot high Myrtle Falls. With Mount Rainier in the background, it’s where everyone with a camera stops for a photo – expect to mingle with photographers bristling with tripods. This picturesque setting is known as one of the most photographed areas of the park – and as a bonus, it’s an easy walk to the falls. Here the waterfall drops down a deep gorge carved out by Edith Creek on her wild journey to the Paradise Valley. Though the falls flow year-round they are not accessible when trails are snowbound during winter.

Like many waterfalls at Mount Rainier, this one was also named for a woman by a former guide, Julius Stampfler, in 1907.

Height: 72 feet | Form: Horsetail | Number of Drops: 1

Source Stream: Edith Creek | Access: Easy Hike

Location: 46.79122 N, -121.73234 W


Located in the Paradise area of Mount Rainier National Park, from Paradise Inn follow signs toward the Skyline Trail or Golden Gate Trail. The falls are located 0.4 miles along the trail. A short spur trail to the right leads to a scenic viewpoint of the falls.

Area Lodging

The Paradise Inn is the nearest lodging to the falls situated approximately a quarter of a mile from the falls. The National Park Inn is located approximately 11.5 miles from Myrtle Falls. Click here for additional lodging properties located in the Ashford area near the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park.  

Myrtle Falls

Q: Can I go camping at Myrtle Falls? 

A: No. You can apply for a wilderness permit that will allow for overnight camping in many sections of the Mount Rainier National Park wilderness, however; Myrtle Falls is not one of them. The wildflower meadows are fragile environments. Camping overnight in a meadow would damage the soil and impact future blooms for years to come. 

Q: Is there a picnic area at Myrtle Falls? 

A: No. There is one bench but no picnic table and no trash receptacle. For picnic areas visit Cougar Rock, Paradise, Box Canyon, Ohanapecosh Campground, Narada Falls, and Sunrise behind the visitor center. 

Q: Can I propose on the bridge at Myrtle Falls? Can I station a photographer at the viewpoint to capture the moment? 

A: Yes, you could. It’s a very romantic spot but be prepared for photo bombers because the Skyline Trail, Edith Creek at Myrtle Falls area is an incredibly popular site. Our recommendation is to arrive at the pedestrian bridge at sunrise or twilight. And your photographer will need to be able to navigate a steep stairway to the viewpoint. 

Q: What’s the physical address for Myrtle Falls? 

A: There isn’t a street address for the waterfall but the GPS coordinates are Trailhead: 46°47’04.0″N 121°44’26.0″W.