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Myrtle Falls / Edith Creek Photography

Myrtle Falls / Edith Creek Photography

If this is your first visit to Myrtle Falls at Paradise you might recognize the scene from postcards when you first see the sprawling, flower-bedecked meadows above the Henry M. Jackson Visitor Center with Mount Rainier rising above, often wearing a halo of lenticular clouds. Myrtle Falls is a short and easy hike from the Visitor Center and is often featured on calendars.

From the scenic bridge that spans Edith Creek a short spur descends to a unique viewpoint of the waterfall under the bridge with Mount Rainier in the background. Photographers often gather there armed with lenses, filters and tripods, waiting for that perfect light. (Be sure to pick up a printed hand-out of the trail system from the Visitor Center for other nearby points of interest.)

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Myrtle Falls