Shop for Souvenir Shrooms On Your Next Mount Rainier Vacation!

In the shadow of Mount Rainier, the latest health trend is alive and growing well.

Mushroom logs made from fallen Red Alder trees are a cutting-edge crop grown in Ashford, Washington.

Mushroom Logs

Chicken of the Woods

Move over kale, the humble mushroom is the newest superfood. At an average cost of $12 to $25 dollars per pound, gourmet mushrooms are popular but pricey. Tahoma Shroomery is trying to make it easy for people to grow their own edible gourmet mushrooms. Purchase a mushroom log (average price $25) that can bloom several times a year for 3 to 4 years is an attractive option.

What is a mushroom log exactly?

These are Rainier wildcrafted organic Red Alder logs. These logs are inoculated with various mushroom spores. Choose from certified organic shitake, oyster, chicken of the woods, lion’s mane, and reishi.

How does it work?

Though the company does not sell directly to the consumer they do have retail partners and ship domestically to anywhere in the United States. Mushroom logs come complete with care instructions. All the hard work is done ahead of time, the logs are inoculated with mushroom spores prior to purchase. Upon receipt of your mushroom log, all you have to do is wait until spring when it’s time to soak the log in water and then wait for the first signs of shrooms.

Who started all this?

Founder of Tahoma Shroomery

Mayree Joanna

Meet the founder of Tahoma Shroomery, Mayree Joanna. A former journalist and teacher, Mayree moved to the Ashford area nearly 20 years ago. Located on the southwest slope of beautiful Mt. Rainier she fell in love with the natural beauty of the region. Living in Ashford she was surrounded by abundant inspiration to respect the ecosystem of the mighty mountain. The cool, clear glacial waters and mineral-rich volcanic soil provide a healthy environment for a large alder tree patch on her 30-acre private, old growth temperate hardwood forest.

Knowing how special the forest is she has exclusively used sustainable harvesting practices since the businesses’ inception. Mayree learned how to wildcraft (forage in a manner that protects the forest) and is proud of the fact she can live off-the-grid and run her business completely trash and garbage free.

So where can people get their very own mushroom log?

On the road to Paradise, at DeWitt’s Elbe Junction in Elbe, Washington or you can order online. Be sure to join the conversation and follow Tahoma Shroomery on Facebook