Mt. Rainier With Dogs

When it comes to planning your summer adventures we know fur babies like vacations too.

Are dogs allowed in Mt Rainier National Park?

Yes, pets in certain areas with restrictions. There are rules you need to know before you head to the mountain. Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in wilderness areas at Mount Rainier National Park. Leashed dogs are allowed in campgrounds, parking lots, and on paved roads.

What is the official pet policy for Mount Rainier National Park?

Click here for the guidelines and policy.

Where can I walk my dog at Mount Rainier?

Basically, while inside the park boundaries, your pet can only go where your car can go: on roads, in parking lots and campgrounds. Your pet must be on a leash (not more than 6 feet long) and under your control at all times and may not be staked. Within the park, pets are not allowed on trails, snow, in any buildings or amphitheaters, or in the Wilderness. The only exceptions are service animals such as seeing-eye and hearing-ear dogs. There is one exception – dogs on a leash are allowed on a section of the Pacific Crest Trail near the park’s eastern boundary.

There are many dog-friendly trails located outside of the national park boundaries. Be sure to download a copy of our travel guide for a complete list. Here are a few popular trails to explore.

  • Goat Lake Trail and Glacier View from FS Road 59 at Mt. Tahoma Trails
  • High Rock Lookout near FR 52
  • Forest Service Road trails in the Mt. Baker Snoqualmie National Forest such as Sheep Lake just east of Chinook Pass
  • Noble Knob, FR 7174
  • Sun Top on FR 7160 near Greenwater
  • In the summer season, all walking trails within the Crystal Mountain trail system are open to your pets and dogs are allowed in the Mt. Rainier Gondola. Another area outside of the National Park boundary is the Foothills Trail system on the northwest side of the park.

Free Mount Rainier travel guide for pet owners.

To ensure a trip that will have tails wagging download a free copy of our new travel guide for a list of the dog-friendly places to stay, play, and hike this summer. 2020 Dog Friendly Vacation Planner

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And for another helpful resource check out this personal firsthand account by CJ Breck, the founder of the PawTripping blog. Read along as CJ shares her adventures with her dog exploring the Crystal Mountain Resort, Mount Rainier National Park and more last summer.

Where to find dog-friendly lodging near Mount Rainier?

There are 21 dog-friendly places to stay near Mount Rainier. Click here for a list of cabins, lodges, and resorts.