Mt. Rainier Gondola now open at Crystal Mountain

The Mt. Rainier Gondola at Crystal Mountain is now open for business.  Crystal has received over three feet of snow during the past week creating great conditions for a day on the slopes. Many of the main trails are machine groomed wall-to-wall. The snow is staying dry and soft with the cold temps.  Come take a ten minute ride on the gondola and check it out for yourself!

Mt. Rainier Gondola Facts:

-First gondola at a ski area in Washington – Base elevation: 4,400 feet – Top elevation: 6,856 feet – Vertical rise: 2,456 feet – Slope length: 6,901 feet – Trip time: 9 minutes 39 seconds (approx) – 36 cabins total (17 to start, with another 19 to be added) – Uphill capacity: 600 people per hour, 900 after additional cabins are added – Cabin interval: every 53 seconds, 32 seconds after additional cabins are added – 13 towers – Speed: 800 ft/min – Will travel from the base area to the summit – Costs: approx $5.5 mill

Photo Credit: Crystal Mountain

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