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Mowich Lake

Mowich Lake Road

The 16-mile Mowich Lake Road runs between the town of Carbonado and the Mowich Lake Campground inside Mt. Rainier National Park. The road is primarily graveled with some sections of difficult terrain. 

Visitors are recommended to take the road slow and use a vehicle with good clearance. NOTE: Most of this road is gravel and some sections have rough conditions with potholes. Please drive with caution.

Q: When does the Mowich Lake Road usually open? 

A: Historically the road to Mowich has opened between late May and late June, the road’s status is dependent on snowmelt. Furthermore, the opening will depend on what condition the road is in after the winter season. Multiple factors go into how soon Mount Rainier National Park is able to reopen the road to Mowich.  The road is estimated to open on July 9, 2021 weather-dependent. 

Q: When does the Mowich Lake Road close for the season? 

A: That varies year to year according to the weather, it typically closes in mid-October with the first snowfall of the winter season.  

Q: Who can I contact for more information about this road? 

A: Contact the land manager, Mount Rainier National Park