Mount Rainier National Park To Reopen Friday, November 21

DATE: 11/20/08

Mount Rainier National Park Superintendent Dave Uberuaga announces that
repairs on the Nisqually Entrance Road at Kautz Creek have been
completed enough to reopen the road to the public Friday morning.

During the heavy rains on November 11 and 12 Kautz Creek once again
jumped its channel upstream and changed course from the channel created
during the 2006 floods, flooding the roadway again and eroding the road
edges. The 2006 channel now is dry streambed and the new channel is
flowing briskly approximately 100 feet to the east of the previous
channel, emptying into the two 12′ culverts that were put in place in
2006 to handle the stream flow. Park crews trenched the new channel to
divert the water from the road and into the new culverts.

Other damage in the area remains, including the access road to the Kautz
Creek utility area, work at Tahoma Creek, Longmire and park other areas.
The repair work was completed by the park’s Road Crew late Thursday
evening. The road will open at 6:00 a.m.