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Mount Rainier

Explore Mount Rainier National Park through books: A list of travel guides, non-fiction, and fiction titles

Mount Rainier National Park, located in Washington State, is one of the most stunning natural wonders in the United States. The majestic mountain, which stands at over 14,000 feet, is a popular destination for hikers, climbers, and nature lovers from around the world. Pick your favorite genre, and explore the vivid descriptions of Mount Rainier and the surrounding area in the titles below. 

Three categories of books are written about Mount Rainier: travel books, non-fiction, and fiction. Each category offers a unique perspective on this iconic mountain.

Travel Books

  1. “A Pocket Field Guide to the Plants and Animals of Mount Rainier” by Joe Dreimiller
  2. “Best Easy Day Hikes Mount Rainier National Park (Best Easy Day Hikes Series)” by Heidi Schneider and Mary Skjelset
  3. “Best Hikes with Kids: Western Washington & the Cascades” by Joan Burton
  4. “Day Hiking: Mount Rainier: National Park, Crystal Mountain, Cayuse and Chinook Passes” by Tami Asars
  5. “FalconGuide: Hiking Mount Rainier National Park” by Heidi Schneider
  6. “Guide to 100 Peaks at Mount Rainier National Park” by Gene Yore, Mickey Eisenberg
  7. “Mount Rainier: A Visitor’s Companion, 2nd Edition” by Daniel R. Smith
  8. “Mount Rainier National Park: Tales, Trails, and Auto Tours” by Roberta S. King


  1. “A Life on the Edge: Memoirs of Everest and Beyond” by Jim Whittaker
  2. “A Year in Paradise” by Floyd Schmoe
  3. “Climbing Mount Rainier: The Essential Guide” by Jeff Smoot
  4. “Fire on the Mountain: The True Story of the South Canyon Fire” by John N. Maclean
  5. “Fit to Climb: A 16-Week Mount Rainier Fitness Training Program” by John Colver and Rohit Eipe
  6.  “Lou Whittaker: Memoirs of a Mountain Guide” by Lou Whittaker with Andrea Gabbard
  7. “Mount Rainier’s Historic Inns and Lodges” by Jeff Anderson and Sonja Anderson
  8. “Mount Rainier National Park: An Artist’s Tour” by Molly Hashimoto
  9. “Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide” by Mike Gauthier
  10. “Mount Rainier National Park (National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map)” by National Geographic Maps
  11. “Mount Rainier: Notes and Images from Our Iconic Mountain” by Bruce Barcott
  12. “Pickets and Dead Men Seasons on Rainier” by Bree Loewen
  13. “The Challenge of Rainier: A Record of the Explorations and Ascents, Triumphs and Tragedies” by Dee Molenaar
  14. “The Ledge: An Adventure Story of Friendship and Survival on Mount Rainier” by Jim Davidson and Kevin Vaughan
  15. “The Mountaineers Books Mount Rainier: A Climbing Guide, 3rd Edition” by Mike Gauthier
  16. “Takhoma: Ethnography of Mount Rainier National Park” by Allan H. Smith
  17. “You Can’t Eat Mount Rainier” by William Speidel


  1. “Ashes and Snow on Mount Rainier” by Kevin M. Brennan
  2. “In Sight of the Mountain” (The Rainier Series Book 1)
  3. “In Light of the Summit” (The Rainier Series Book 2)
  4. “In the Heart of Paradise” (The Rainier Series Book 3)
  5. “The Miser on the Mountain: A Nisqually Legend of Mount Rainier” by Nancy Luenn, Pierr Morgan
  6. “The Road to Paradise” by Karen Barnett
  7.  “Mount Rainier National Park Bear Family Adventures” by Sara Graham

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