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Monkeyflower, Yellow

Mimulus tilingii is a rhizomatous perennial herb growing 2 to 35 centimeters tall. The oppositely arranged oval leaves may be several centimeters long and some are borne on short petioles. The yellow flower may be over 4 centimeters long, its narrow tubular throat opening into a wide, two-lipped mouth. The base of the flower tube is encapsulated in a calyx of sepals with uneven lobes. Mimulus tilingii is often nearly impossible to distinguish from its common relative, Mimulus guttatus, as their characteristics can intergrade; one of the most notable differences is the arrangement of the flowers, which are axial in M. tilingii but in a raceme in M. guttatus.

Flower Family: Figwort
Scientific Name: Mimulus tilingii
Usual Color: Yellow