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Kautz Creek Falls

Kautz Creek Falls

Kautz Creek Falls pic

If you’ve ever wondered why Kautz Creek is so muddy you can blame that on the Kautz Glacier high on the southern flank of Mount Rainier. Kautz Creek Falls is practically a teenager when it comes to geologic time; the falls were formed as the glacier retreated. Visible from Mildred Point and Van Trump Park this tiered-plunge waterfall falls in four drops (the tallest drop is 150 feet). There is no trail to the falls and cross-country travel would be hazardous. Enjoy from a safe distance and marvel at the power of fire and ice.

Height: 400 feet | Form: Tiered Plunges | Number of Drops: 4

Source Stream: Kautz Creek | Access: Difficult Hike

Location: 46.8104 N, -121.781 W

Directions: Kautz Creek Falls is seen from Mildred Point in Van Trump Park, within Mount Rainier National Park. Hike the Comet Falls trail for 3.75 miles. Keep left at the first junction at the top of Comet Falls. Cross Van Trump Creek and turn right at the second junction.