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Seattle Hot Air Ballooning

Seattle Hot Air Balloon Rides Near Mt. Rainier

Seattle Ballooning provides epic hot air balloon rides with stunning views of Mt. Rainier and is a traveler’s favorite.

Want to see the beauty of Mt. Rainier up close? Grab your family and friends, this is the experience you have been waiting for! Seattle Ballooning provides amazing hot air balloon tours right in front of Mt. Rainier. Book now and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that will leave you speechless. Seattle Ballooning is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Seattle locals to visit. All you have to do is select a date for your hot air balloon ride and their pilots and crew will take care of the rest!

“I can’t imagine a better way to see the beauty of Seattle than going on a hot air balloon ride!” said Jay after flying with Seattle Ballooning. In addition to the previous statement, Jay says, “this should be a “must try” for anyone with visiting out-of-town guests who really want to see how pretty it is here.”

Seattle Ballooning has been providing hot air balloon rides in front of Mt. Rainier since 2015 and has all 5-star reviews.  They were awarded the “best hot air balloon ride” in the area since 2016. They offer private hot air balloon rides for two, private family hot air balloon rides (up to 10), and small shared group hot air balloon rides.

Seattle Ballooning’s chief pilot Eliav Cohen says, “Nothing compares to the magical moment of taking a balloon ride – whether it’s unsurpassed views of downtown Seattle, Tacoma, Lake Tapps or Auburn. One of the most amazing experiences is watching eagles hunt for their morning breakfast and enjoying the sun peaking over the Cascades from three thousand feet in the air!”

In addition, you get a one-of-a-kind up-close view of the majestic Mt. Rainier — an exclusive hot air balloon flight path no other balloon ride service offers.

You’re invited to fly with them for an exciting adventure of a lifetime! This is a perfect experience for all sorts of occasions. Whether you want to get engaged, celebrate your honeymoon, ring in another year on this marvelous earth (or other life-giving year marking), or check hot air ballooning off your bucket list this is an experience you won’t forget.

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Seattle

One reviewer on Yelp named Sharyn said, “my 90-year-old dad had a fantastic hot air balloon flight…His review: “Absolutely fabulous!” He was grinning from ear to ear when he boarded the balloon and was still smiling when the balloon landed.”

Another reviewer named Matt said, “It’s so much fun to take in the beauty of nature and be free from all your worries. One thing I love is that it can feel like you are a kid again, just exploring everything around you and taking it all in without having any responsibilities. The air up there is so clean and fresh, it feels like pure bliss on earth!”

Looking at photos of ballooning is one thing. Breathing the crisp clean air at 4000ft while the sun warms your skin feels like a dream. The view of the Puget Sound and Cascade Mountain range is truly breathtaking.

Seattle Ballooning has some of America’s best FAA Certified balloon pilots on staff and only uses the finest hot air balloon equipment money can buy. You can be comfortable knowing you’ll have a safe, luxurious, and extraordinary experience. Feel free to bring your own mask! If you don’t have one, we’ll happily provide one for you.

Seattle Hot Air Balloon Ride Information

Shared balloon rides start at $295 per person, and  Private hot air balloon rides (for 2 to 10 passenger groups) start at $1,400

The Seattle sunrise balloon ride lasts around an hour, and the sunset balloon ride lasts 45 minutes to an hour (due to faster wind speed.) The whole experience is around 2.5 hours (start to finish.)

Imagine the freedom of soaring high in the sky, surrounded by a breathtaking view. Now imagine being able to do that with your family or friends. That is what you get on this hot air balloon tour! The majority of people only take one hot air balloon ride in their life, but this Seattle experience will be luxurious and memorable with exceptional views of Mt. Rainier. Want to see all their amazing photos from the balloon? Click here to go to their gallery

Hot air balloon rides are available from May 1st through October 15th. Book your flight now

Covid19 hot air balloon ride information

  • Hot air ballooning is an outdoor activity and has no restrictions on operations
  • All passengers are required to wear a mask during the ballooning experience
  • Champagne and individually wrapped chocolates will be provided

Q: How many people fit in the hot air balloons?

Seattle Ballooning has multiple hot air balloons to accommodate any group size.  They have a 2 passenger, 4 passengers, 6 passengers, 8 passengers, and 10 passenger balloon.  Balloons can be shared or booked as a private flight

Q: What if the weather isn’t good for ballooning?

A: Seattle Ballooning is committed to your safety and for that reason, they do not fly in poor weather conditions. They don’t fly on rainy days or during thunderstorms, high winds, or low clouds. If a flight is canceled due to the weather, then they will reschedule the flight for another day or may offer you a refund if there’s no other date available!

Q: How long is the balloon tour from start to finish?

A: The whole experience is around 3 hours for your Seattle balloon tour.  After getting picked up at the Muckleshoot casino by one of our friendly drivers, you’ll be whisked off to panoramic views never before seen from ground level.  This includes driving to the launch site, the flight, the post-flight celebration, and driving back to the Muckleshoot Casino. You will see amazing sights from Mount Rainier all the way to downtown Seattle and out into Lake Washington! You’re in for an exhilarating adventure.

Q: Is there a weight limit for hot air ballooning?

Answer: Yes. There’s a strict weight limit of 225 pounds per person. If you’re over that, then you need to buy an additional ticket. No passengers over 260 pounds are permitted to fly due to insurance regulations.

Q: Are there sunrise flights and sunset flights available? 

A: Yes. Seattle Ballooning provides 2 flights daily. One at sunrise and the other at sunset.

Q: What about a private balloon ride?

A: Both private and shared air balloon experiences are available.

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