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Hot Air Balloon Ride Near Mt Rainier

Hot Air Balloon Rides Near Mt. Rainier

If you only take one hot air balloon in your life make it one with a view of Mount Rainier.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Near Mount RainierFly at sunrise or sunset, this hot air balloon takes an exclusive flight path that no other balloon ride service offers! Departing from the City of Enumclaw your ride will offer breathtaking views of rivers, lakes, beautiful farmland and the iconic Mount Rainier. Passengers will land in Buckley and receive transportation back to their starting point in Enumclaw. Follow the French ballooning tradition and end your flight with a toast of champagne, brie, and fresh croissants, provided by the pilot and crew.

Looking for a magical way to propose? On your honeymoon or celebrating a special anniversary? Take a private romantic ride of a lifetime. Private rides for two are available for $1400 a flight.

Shared rides for up to 8 passengers are $295 per guest. Sunrise flights last approximately an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Sunset flights typically last 45 minutes to an hour typically due to faster wind speed. The whole hot air balloon experience is around 3 hours start to finish. Rides are available May thru September 29. 

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