Hike Silver Falls Loop - Visit Rainier

Hike Silver Falls Loop

Area: Ohanapecosh
Hike Type: kid-friendly, historic hot springs, impressive waterfall Pass: National Park Pass
Distance: 2.7 mi loop Duration: 2 hrs Difficulty Level: Easy
Snow-Free: May – Nov High point: 2,200 feet Elevation Gain: 350 feet

Features: kid-friendly, historic hot springs, an impressive waterfall

Careening over a series of ledges before plunging 40 feet into a deep blue pool, Silver Falls is a dramatic sight. And it’s easily accessible. A very short trail leads to it from SR 123. But the best way to experience this cascading spectacle on the Ohanapecosh River is by hiking to it on a delightful loop from the Ohanapecosh Visitors Center. En route you’ll pass the site of an old hot springs resort, some big old trees, an overhanging mossy ledge, and perhaps a surprise or two.

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Q: How far is it from the Silver Falls Loop Trail to the Grove of the Patriarchs? Can I do both trails in a day? 

A: It’s approximately one mile from the Silver Falls Loop Trail to the Grove of the Patriarchs. It typically takes people an hour to hike the Grove of the Patriarchs and two hours to hike the Silver Falls Loop. If you are visiting during the peak summer months give yourself extra time for the Grove of the Patriarchs to accommodate for a wait to cross the suspension bridge. To avoid crowds try to arrive early in the morning before 8:00 AM or late in the day after 4:00 PM to hike these popular trails at Ohanapecosh during the peak summer months.

Q: Which of the park entrances is the best one to use to access the Silver Falls Loop Trail? 

A: The Stevens Canyon entrance would be best.