Hike Silver Falls Loop | Visit Rainier

Hike Silver Falls Loop

Area: Ohanapecosh
Hike Type: kid-friendly, historic hot springs, impressive waterfall Pass: National Park Pass
Distance: 2.7 mi loop Duration: 2 hrs Difficulty Level: Easy
Snow-Free: May – Nov High point: 2,200 feet Elevation Gain: 350 feet

Features: kid-friendly, historic hot springs, an impressive waterfall

Careening over a series of ledges before plunging 40 feet into a deep blue pool, Silver Falls is a dramatic sight. And it’s easily accessible. A very short trail leads to it from SR 123. But the best way to experience this cascading spectacle on the Ohanapecosh River is by hiking to it on a delightful loop from the Ohanapecosh Visitors Center. En route you’ll pass the site of an old hot springs resort, some big old trees, an overhanging mossy ledge, and perhaps a surprise or two.

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