Grand Opening of Two New Chairlifts at Crystal Mountain Resort

Crystal Mountain Resort News Release

January 5, 2015



There will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the two new chairlifts at Crystal Mountain Resort on Friday, January 9, 2015. The Quicksilver and Chair 6 lifts opened to the public on December 24, 2014. The ribbon cutting at Quicksilver will be held at 9:00 a.m. followed by a 10:00 a.m. ribbon cutting at Chair 6. The three patrollers who caused the March 10, 2014 avalanche that destroyed the old High Campbell (Chair 6) lift will give a short presentation before cutting the ribbon. Everyone is welcome to attend.

The original fixed-grip double lift was first installed in 1965, and carried 1,070 people per hour. The new fixed-grip quad lift was installed during the summer of 2014 and now carries 1,800 people per hour. The new lift was shortened slightly and relocated along the side of the ski run, which opened up the trail for some regarding work to be done. The new Quicksilver lift is as an improvement for beginners who are ready to progress from the bunny slopes of Discovery. “It provides a much better transition for people learning to ski and snowboard,” said Tiana Anderson. “The progression is more natural and seamless for our guests,” she added. The trail was regarded over the summer turning it from a blue square (intermediate) designation to a green circle (beginner) designation. The new lift also includes a Sun Kid loading conveyer which helps operators make height adjustments for kids needing a lift. It also provides a gated system and rolling conveyer which aids in timing, and loading the lift.

Quicksilver Facts
Chair Manufacturer: SkyTrack (Made in the USA)
Lift Type: Fixed-grip Quad
Chair count: 115
Tower count: 17
Uphill capacity: 1,800 people per hour (68% increase)
Speed: 450 ft/min
Slope length: 3,435’
Vertical Rise: 717’
Base elevation:­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ 4,410’
Trip Time: 7.6 minutes
Total cost: $2.3 million

Chair 6
The original Chair 6 lift was installed in 1980 and came used from Mt. Pilchuck. Prior to 1980 if you wanted to get to the top of the Queen you had to hike. The new Chair 6 lift, formerly known as the High Campbell lift, was installed in the summer of 2014 after an avalanche on March 10, 2014 wiped out the bottom terminal and two lower towers of the original lift. The chairs are much heavier on the new lift, making it more resistant to wind closures. It’s also a more comfortable chairlift, with safety bars and padded seats. The lift profile is the same as before with top and bottom terminals and towers in the same location as the old lift.

Chair 6 Facts
Chair Manufacturer: CTEC
Lift Type: Fixed-grip Double
Chair count: 85
Tower count: 14
Uphill capacity: 980
Speed: 500 ft/min
Slope Length: 2,353’
Vertical Rise: 915’
Base elevation: 6,080’
Total cost: $1.5 million