Glider Flights near Mount Rainier - Visit Rainier
Glider Flights

Glider Flights near Mount Rainier

Soar through the skies and get a bird’s eye of the iconic Mount Rainier. 

Glider flights near Mount Rainier 

Glider Flights

People from around the world come to the region to experience Mount Rainier from the trails, and the scenic byways. Visitors can also soar in the skies and glimpse the mountain from a glider plane! The city of Enumclaw is a gateway to Rainier and home to the Bergseth Airfield where the Puget Sound Soaring Association offers introductory glider flights. 

During your next Mount Rainier vacation make time for an incredible experience. Experienced pilots conduct a brief training on the glider and explain its instruments and controls before you take your seat in the glider. The instructor or commercial rated pilot will describe the different phases of the flight because both the pilot and the passenger seats have all the required controls to pilot the glider. Foot pedals control the rudder and a control stick is used to control pitch (nose up and down) and bank for turning. All controls are linked together so it is possible to observe and feel what your pilot is doing. The glider is connected to the tow plane with a 200-foot rope and is pulled aloft in about 10 minutes to around 4000 feet. The pilot (or you) releases the glider from the towrope and gently banks to the right with the tow plane banking to the left. After the droning sound of the tow plane engine is gone the first thing you notice other than the outstanding views is quiet and all you can hear is the air rushing past.

Keep a lookout for hawks or turkey vultures. They are expert pilots and many times show the pilots where the thermals are. It is a wonderful experience to actually be circling in a thermal with one of these birds. Your introductory flight will last about 30 minutes if the pilot finds some lift. Without the proper lift, the flight will be a little shorter but still highly enjoyable. At your pilot’s discretion, he or she may let you control the glider to let you get the full experience of flying and hopefully get you addicted to this wonderful sport. Due to the weight & balance limitations of the gliders, passenger weight is limited to 230 lbs max. Flights can be scheduled for weekends March through October. For lodging near the airfield click here


Cost | $150 for a 30-minute glider flight

Phone | (206) 660-0019

Website |

Address | Bergseth Airfield 31500 S.E. 408th Street, Enumclaw, Washington 98022