Forest Road 99 Opening Makes Travel from Mt. Rainier to Mt. St. Helens Easier

DATE: 7/2/13

JULY 2, 2013


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Forest Road 99 Opening Makes Travel from Mt. Rainier to Mt. St. Helens Easier< /strong>< /p>

Mt. Rainier, WA< /strong>.- The US Forest Service announced that FR 99, running to Windy Ridge at Mt. St. Helens is opening the morning of July 4.  To assist travelers who want to visit both Mount Rainier and Mt. St. Helens, Visit Rainier is offering a “Two Mountain Vacation< /em>” map and visitor guide.< /p>

Link to map and visitor guide is here:

http: / / /media /pdfs /Two_Mountain_Tour_Rainer_StHelens.pdf< /u>< /p>

“Having all the roads around Mount Rainier and now Mt. St. Helens opening by the end of the week is exciting for folks who would like to visit both mountains,” said Mary Kay Nelson, executive director of Visit Rainier.  “Travelers rarely care about the ‘boundaries’ of a National Park versus the Forest Service, versus a State Park, etc.  They are interested in visiting a region.  It is our job to ensure they have all the information they will need to make the most of their time in our area.”< /p>

The Two Mountain vacation map is a collaborative effort between Visit Rainier and Cowlitz County Tourism.  Visit Rainier also offers four versions of different loop trips that can be made around Mt. Rainier, that include points of interest, top attractions, drive times and seasonal suggestions.< /p>

“The wildflowers will be out shortly and our weather is gorgeous,” said Nelson, “I would strongly encourage folks to come spend time in our state’s beautiful volcanic region, especially now that it is even easier to get here.”< /p>

The opening of the Windy Ridge road coincides with the opening of the roads to Sunrise and Mowich Lake in the Mt. Rainier National Park.  As of the 4th of July, all roads in and around our state’s major mountain peaks are fully open and awaiting anxious visitors and recreationalists.  < /p>

For more information on all there is to see and do at Mt. Rainier and its surrounding communities visit< /u>.< /p>

Visit Rainier is a not-for-profit, non-membership destination marketing organization that promotes tourism in the gateway communities around Mt. Rainier.  < /em>< /p>
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