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Photo of an otter enjoying a treat

Northwest Trek Wildlife Park | Feeding Frenzy

Animals to devour favorite foods at Feeding Frenzy

Just as humans go to barbeques to celebrate the unofficial end of summer, the animals at Northwest Trek get to rip, chew and devour their favorite foods during Feeding Frenzy Sept. 4- 6, an annual event at Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.  

Watch the wildlife park’s animals get special meals, like salmon for the black bears and cougar. Some animals will even get carcasses! But it’s not just about the food. Keepers get creative in presenting treats and enrichments for the animals to get them curious and encourage natural behaviors- like digging for food and using their brains to find it.

When is Feeding Frenzy?

Sept. 4- 6, 9 am-5 pm

What is the Schedule of Events?

Watch these animals chomp and munch at the times below

Sept. 4:

11:30 am: Wolverines

1 pm: Grizzlies

2 pm: Black bears


Sept. 5:

11:30am: Badgers

2 pm: Cougar  


Sept. 6:

11:30 am: Eagles

2 pm: Wolves

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A porcupine enjoys a treat during Feeding Frenzy